Author & Illustrator



I'm Marisa, I'm from Perth, Western Australia, and the author behind 'The Cat and the Cucumber.'

The idea for this short story was born from my time in Latin America. I spent a few years travelling there, mostly in Central America where I absorbed the culture and learnt Spanish which had been a goal of mine for a while.

I've always been fascinated with languages and believe that learning languages enhances your understanding of cultures. It's also been shown to be great for your brain, and is possible at any age!

This book is designed to be used a language tool for those children wanting to enhance and practice their language learning. However it can be read in either Spanish or English as well.

I hope one day soon to have 'The cat and the cucumber' published in many other languages too!

Stay tuned.


Hello! I'm Sens, an artist from Querétaro, Mexico, and the illustrator behind 'The Cat and the Cucumber.'

My love of art started at the age of 13 when I discovered graffiti, an encounter that sparked my interest. My passion initially focused on recreating my favorite cartoons of the time, such as Dragon Ball and Japanese anime that aired on Mexican television.

This soon became a daily practice, immersing myself in my art as much as I could.

As I grew, my art evolved.

When I participated and won a drawing contest, a judge spoke to me about the possibility of becoming a visual artist or graphic designer, and this idea took root in my mind.

With the determination to follow this path, I discovered a university in my city that offered the degree I was passionate about. After three attempts, I finally succeeded in getting admitted.

Currently, I mostly dedicate my time to creating illustrations on paper or wooden canvases, using mainly acrylic paint.

I also venture into mural creation, combining the versatility of acrylic paint and spray cans.

As a Mexican illustrator, I have participated in more than 60 group exhibitions, as well as in urban art festivals both in Mexico and abroad.

I have also had the honor of holding two solo exhibitions, one in Austria in 2015 and another in Mexico in 2022.

My fascination lies in painting characters immersed in magical and colorful scenes, sometimes accompanied by animal characters. I seek to convey through my illustrations and paintings a rich and engaging narrative, as if each piece told a whole story on its own.